[Public] AQW Trainer Maker v1.1.0 [Var Manipulating :: PHP]

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[Public] AQW Trainer Maker v1.1.0 [Var Manipulating :: PHP]

Post  iSilent on Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:06 pm

AQWorlds Trainer Maker by SBD (SoccaBallDude)
[Variable Manipulating :: PHP Server]
Current Version: 1.1.0
Site: http://sbd.hobo-studios.org/aqw/tm/
Download: http://cris.hobo-studios.org/blog/?page_id=298

This is an SWF (AS3) packaged into an exe, for those who were wondering.


Info: (v0.9.0) (Some of the content is outdated, but the purpose and usage still remains generally the same.)
You make the trainer, click the publish button, and then close the program. The next time you open it, instead of displaying the trainer maker, it will display your trainer.

For my own, hopefully obvious reasons, I'm not just handing out the trainer maker download. Also, it has an anti-leak system as well.
If you would like it, I would need to give you a username and password, which at the moment, can't be used for anything other than to verify your accounts existance.

I will give you the exe, with a settings file packaged in. Therefore, you nor anyone else will every touch that file. If you do leak it to someone else, both of you will be able to access the trainer maker, until either of you publish it. If that happens, I'll have to give you a new account. Which I probably won't.

I didn't feel like adding in many features which I could have done, however, I just might add that in a later version. Those features include stuff like calling functions and input text fields. That was very lazy on my part since I made a function to call the functions.

In later versions, be expecting the above, as well as some things you can do once in the Control Panel. I'm definitely going to make a clear/delete your account feature though.

I know the GUI is pretty bad, but I couldn't really help it.
1. I didn't feel like spending a lot of time on it.
2. The trainer maker and trainer generator are completely dynamic.

When using the trainer maker, the recommended maximum amount of buttons is 18, since that's how much can fit on the interface. (I didn't want to make it incredibly huge to the point where you have to be dragging for five minutes to get to the top/bottom/left/right)

If you have any problems with it after you publish your trainer, send me a message and I'll try to fix it for you. (By this, I mean stuff like the trainer isn't loading and the trainer maker thing is coming up, etc)

The colors of the buttons on the trainer are generated randomly at startup lol. The one in the screenshot just happened to be purple. Will upload another one with more buttons.


Version 0.9.7:


Requesting the Trainer Maker:
Post in this thread to request the program.

Simply sending this request does not mean you will be accepted. Remember that.


User Control-Panel Login and Content Page:

The User Control-Panel will have many more features in the future. For now, you can unlock your trainer to update it. Soon to come is a password changer as I already have that finished, just not uploaded.


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Re: [Public] AQW Trainer Maker v1.1.0 [Var Manipulating :: PHP]

Post  windows on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:28 am

great post



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Re: [Public] AQW Trainer Maker v1.1.0 [Var Manipulating :: PHP]

Post  maxthedragon on Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:36 pm

Easier way,

Making an AQWorlds Trainer is rather easy, just follow these simple steps...

You will need
- A Mind
- Hands
- A Computer with Flash CS5.5
- And This Page
1. Open Flash CS5.5 and Open a new Action Script 3
2. Click On Layer 1
3. Rename Layer 1 to Loader
4. Then Right Click Loader Layer and Click Insert Layer
5. Rename Layer 2 to Hack
6. Click on Loader Layer and Right Click on the Timeline and Press Actions
7. Place The Codes into the Box

Whole Tut here!: 29614afd.megaline.co/


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